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Power of Fashion Accessories

Styling: Angela Chavez

Photography: Raecen Dimacali

Make-up and Hairstyle: Jacky Ladiero Pante

Model: Kate Bautista



The Power of Fashion Accessories

So you have been staring at your closet full of clothes, fashion accessories and whatnots for about an hour now and you just couldn’t find something that you think will impress your date later? Or you just don’t have any idea how you can look your best in your girl bonding with your friends at the mall? You think you are almost on the verge of sneaking out of the house and buying something new? But wait! Do you really have to shell out money for this? How about going through all your stuff and find in that stash of fashion accessories a super trendy necklace, a stylish bracelet or maybe an awesome pair of earrings?

Perhaps those are all you would ever need to sport an entirely new image even with your old clothes on. And what’s great is, you didn’t even spend a dime! Oftentimes, we think it’s all in the clothes we wear, but what we don’t know is that we could enhance our outfit by adding the right ornaments to go with it. You can have fun by mismatching your clothes. You will be surprised at how much clothes you actually own and how many kinds of looks you can achieve by combining and pairing a few tops and bottoms.  Now that’s what you call dress to impress! Next time you get caught in this situation, at least you know what to do. They are called fashion accessories for a reason!


by Melky Quiñones Manlapaz

MUKHA STYLES BY ANGELA CHAVEZ (https://www.facebook.com/angelachavezstylist)


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