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Crazy Handbags Online

Styling: Angela Chavez

Photography: Raecen Dimacali

Model: Chelsea Robato 



Crazy Handbags Online!

My best friend called me up earlier about a certain sale on handbags online. She was absolutely hysterical so I thought it was an emergency! It turns out that there is an ongoing super sale on designer handbags online. Me and my best friend are very much into handbags so I can understand the overwhelming surge of excitement within her.

I immediately checked out all the items on sale and needless to say, my reflexes are always ahead of me! Without even thinking my hands were quick to browse through the available items and in a blink of an eye I just checked out two handbags online straightaway! I haven’t even told my best friend that I would already buy one! I am sure she will totally freak out and snap at me for not waiting for her before I purchased anything.

I bought two Italian leather handbags which will be perfect for night outs and even formal occasions. It’s really fun how the technology nowadays allows us to do almost everything in just a click. Who would have thought I will be able to buy two handbags online in just one sitting! To think that moments ago I was only cleaning my room before my best friend phoned me.

Maybe if I lived in the past, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the luxury of doing things I love in the comfort of my own room. Surely, I would not be able to buy these precious handbags online!



by Melky Quiñones Manlapaz

MUKHA STYLES BY ANGELA CHAVEZ (https://www.facebook.com/angelachavezstylist)


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