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Is It Practical To Buy Handbags Online?

Styling: Angela Chavez

Photography: Raecen Dimacali

Make-up and Hairstyle: Camille Habawel

Model: Chelsea Robato 



Is It Practical To Buy Handbags Online?

Buying handbags online could sound a bit luxurious. It may appear as if the one doing the shopping has a significant amount of money to spare. It will be a usual debate between married couples who are earning minimum wage and have just started building their own family. For women who were already accustomed to buy at least one or two handbags online every month or thrice a year, depending on the designs especially when they are on sale, they may find it hard to give up on their favourite hobby.

This will be more likely an issue if the family is already starting to grow. Instead of buying handbags online, they will have to allot money on their family’s necessities such as groceries, house bills, save up for a proper place to live in or maybe take out a car loan. Whatever it may be, it will all boil down to one thing that they need to set aside their personal needs to make way for other expenses. Depending on their careers, they may find other ways of augmenting their income so they won’t have to put up with the entire cost cutting for a long period of time.

But it also would not hurt them if they consider doing some sacrifice for the welfare of their family. It should not be a major concern since you can always buy handbags online anytime as long as the budget allows. Women really love their stuff but if you think about it, buying handbags online can be something you can do without because family should always come first.



by Melky Quiñones Manlapaz

MUKHA STYLES BY ANGELA CHAVEZ (https://www.facebook.com/angelachavezstylist)


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